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5 Indicators of Hormonal Imbalance You Should look out for as a Man


Hormonal imbalances can make us feel enslaved by our own emotions and our reaction to life in general. When the hormones are not in sync, they can cause an uproar of unwanted signs such as mood swings and fatigue. Even though hormonal imbalances are often associated with females, it is commonplace for men to experience this drift in their hormones. Hormones play a vital role in regulating multiple body processes, including sleep, sexual function, metabolism, and appetite.

Even so, hormone levels fluctuate at different phases of life, and a slight imbalance can cause immense effects on your health. If you are going through unexplainable weight gain, mood swings, and less desire to get intimate, Atlanta hormone health treatments are personalized to restore balance in your life. Some of the hormonal health issues to check out for include;

1. Low Libido

Low libido can affect men of all ages. Even though low libido is often confused with erectile dysfunction, it is important to note that low libido is the decline in the need to make love. It can occur due to stress or fatigue, but many underlying factors, such as hormonal imbalance, play a major role. Moreover, a decline in testosterone levels can cause a reduced desire for sex. Other factors that can cause low libido include illness, certain medications, and weight gain.

2. Hair Loss and Dry Skin

Hair loss can be an age-related issue. However, hormonal imbalances can cause your hair to start thinning out. If you are also experiencing flaky, scaly skin, it is common that your hormones are not in sync. It is common to rush for simple treatments such as shampoos and lotions to keep your situation under control, but this will only work for a while. Hormone therapy treatments will, however, reinstate the balance to ensure that your overall health is in check.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

When a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it becomes hard for him to achieve or maintain a penetration-worthy erection. Erectile dysfunction can cause low self-esteem in bed, especially when you cannot meet the needs of your partner. Testosterone is the hormone most associated with improved sexual function. However, low levels of the hormone can lead to erectile dysfunction. When other hormones, such as thyroid, adrenaline, and prolactin, are out of balance, it is possible to experience erectile dysfunction.

4. Unintended Weight Gain, muscle loss, and Reduced bone Density

Any man would attribute their weight gain, lost muscles, and reduced bone density to their aging. However, research has shown that most men who suffer from osteoporosis may have insufficient testosterone levels.

5. Mood Swings and Fatigue

You can start the day feeling refreshed and in a good mood. However, as the day progresses, you may notice that you have become easily irritable and feel tired. This is because hormonal levels fluctuate throughout the day, and a busy day may leave you feeling drained.

Hormonal imbalances can ruin your day and your outlook on life. Fortunately, hormonal imbalances are treatable. You thus don’t have to carry on the weight of your hormones, while hormone-healthy therapy will relieve all the symptoms.

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