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5 Signs You Need to Do Teeth Whitening in San Leandro, CA


Smiling is one of the first things people notice about you. Yellow teeth can ruin even the most beautiful smile. With assistance in general dentistry San Leandro, CA, you can whiten your teeth. But when should you opt for teeth whitening treatment?

Here are the signs that indicate you need it now: 

1. Teeth Discoloration

Yellow teeth are the biggest indicator of teeth discoloration. It can be very noticeable and makes you conscious when smiling. So, you should consider whitening your teeth. 

2. Difficulties in Maintaining Dental Health

Are you failing to care for your teeth because of your busy schedule? Teeth whitening once a quarter can help in maintaining dental hygiene. A dental checkup ensures you identify teeth/gum issues early and take the required steps to fix them. Teeth whitening treatment ensures your teeth get healthy and look flawless. 

3. You Smoke

Cigarette tar and nicotine content can change tooth color. Here are the adverse effects cigarettes may have on oral health: 

  • Tooth loss because of gum disease 
  • Plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth
  • Salivary gland inflammation on the mouth roof. 
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • Slow healing of dental processes, like tooth extractions
  • Higher risk to get oral cancer

Consider teeth whitening to control the effects of tar and nicotine on your teeth. 

1. You Drink Coffee/Wine Everyday

Coffee and wine can stain your teeth. Some other drinks, which can cause staining on your teeth are tea, soy sauce, carbonated drinks, balsamic vinegar, fruit juices, and curry. Terry whitening can help in reducing discoloration even if you consume them every day. 

2. Genetic Discolored Teeth

You may have discolored teeth only because of genes. The color of your hair, eyes, and even teeth can be hereditary. Your teeth may have varieties of colors across your life. Your family members may have natural ivory-colored or off-white teeth initially that get yellow as time progresses. Like hair, you can change your teeth color. Stay practice and do teeth whitening treatment before it gets yellow. 

The Bottomline

If you can see the signs above, you should do teeth whitening right away. A bright smile makes you feel happy and creates a good impression on others. You should never hesitate to smile freely only because of your yellow or discolored teeth when you can opt for teeth whitening treatment. Plus, it also helps in maintaining your oral health.

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