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Dental Tourism: More Australians are Opting for Fun and Fillings


Australians are no strangers to having teeth pulled and crowns fitted, with dental work being one of the most popular procedures in the country. But what if it were possible to get these services from an overseas clinic at a minimal cost? The number of people taking advantage of this option, known as dental tourism, is rising. Many Aussies opt to go overseas, either part or all of the way, to save money and enjoy their dental holiday.

1.   Affordable Dental Care Options Elsewhere

More and more Australians are looking for affordable dental options outside of the country. With the current state of the economy, many people cannot afford dental care at home. However, several countries offer high-quality, low-cost dental care.

As a result, dental tourism is on the rise. For example, Bali, Indonesia, has created an industry with thousands of dentists, so it’s no surprise they’ve had a massive influx of tourists looking for affordable but effective dental care. The cost of implants in Australia can range from AUD2,000-AUD 5,000, while in Thailand, it can be as little as AUD 250. Also, flying up to sunny Mackay to visit a dentist for some R&R might sound like just what you need!

2.   Australian Insurance Offering Special Dental Tourism Policies

More Australians are opting for dental tourism – traveling overseas for dental work. The cost of dental care in Australia is rising, and many people are looking for ways to save money. Dental tourism can be a great way to get the care you need at a fraction of the cost. And thanks to Australian insurance companies, getting coverage for dental tourism is becoming more accessible and affordable than ever.

Some reputable Australian insurance providers offer friendly policies that cover up to 80% of dental tourism costs. These policies will even reimburse the traveler for their airline ticket, hotel stay, and other incidental expenses related to their dental treatment abroad. By adding these benefits into your existing policy (often with no additional charge), you’ll have peace of mind knowing your financial burden for overseas dental fillings is under insurance cover. If you’re not already an insured Australian, this may be the perfect time to sign up!

3.   Provision of All-Inclusive and Affordable Dental Tourism Package Overseas

As the cost of dental care in Australia continues to rise, more and more people are looking for affordable alternatives overseas. Dental tourism is a growing industry, with many all-inclusive packages available,including travel costs that make it easy and affordable to get the dental work you need while enjoying a vacation at the same time.

Some overseas deals now offer an all-inclusive package, including airfare, hotel accommodations, and dental care, including teeth whitening, veneers, or fillings. Due to low traffic during Covid restrictions, the travel industry has had to redefine itself online post-Covid by collaborating with service providers and introducing new apps and social media platforms to drive tourism.

4.   Ability to Combine a Quick Vacation and a Dental Visit

More Australians are opting to vacation for fun and fillings by combining a quick trip with a dental visit. Dental tourism is rising as people seek to take advantage of lower costs overseas. Sometimes, patients may have to stay up to three weeks before their treatment starts. In other cases, they may be able to fly back home after only one week.

If you’re interested in getting your dental work done while also taking advantage of a vacation abroad, then a dental tourism package might be right for you! It’s important to note that if you choose this option, you must find a reputable dentist who speaks your language and understands your culture.

5.   Greater Awareness of Reliable Dental Tourism Destinations

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in dental tourism among Australians. That is likely due to a combination of factors, including the high cost of dental care in Australia, the availability of quality dental care overseas, and the increased awareness of dental tourism destinations. Major Australia’s dental tourism destinations include Thailand, Malaysia, India, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

For example, Thailand offers competitively priced root canal treatment costing as little as AU$325, whereas similar treatment would typically cost upwards of AU$2,000 in Sydney or Melbourne. A root canal can take a week in Thailand versus up to three months waiting time in Australia. Bali offers root canals and dental fillings at an affordable price, ranging from US$50 to $150 per tooth.


In recent years, dental tourism has become an increasingly popular option for Australians looking to get a vacation and their dental work done at an affordable price. While some risks are associated with getting dental treatment abroad, overall, it is a safe and cost-effective way to receive quality dental care. However, always ensure to receive your dental care from a  licensed practitioner in the country you are visiting and have any pre-existing conditions checked out before departing. Finally, if you want to visit another country for vacation and dental work all in one go, consider booking a package holiday that includes accommodation near the clinic where you will be receiving your treatment.

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