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Does Health Insurance Covers the Expenses of Rehab Centre for Clearing Alcohol Addiction


Many like to get rid of their alcohol consumption by joining rehab centers where they can get treated successfully. They are afraid to do it as it will be an expensive treatment and remain confused about whether their health insurance pack will cover the addiction treatment cost. Fortunately, the answer to their query is positive. Many kinds of health insurance do cover rehab center treatment for addiction. Actually, addiction is considered to be a health disease and thus needs medical attention just like other health problems.

Many American citizens do prefer to use their health insurance to join rehab clinics near them, however in some rehab centers all company insurance policies aren’t accepted. In the USA regions, you can avail of a health clinic that undertakes the detox that takes AHCCCS like Detox to Rehab. The advantage is that they will cover up all the bills of detoxicating treatment. Hence, if you are planning to join rehab for treatment for alcohol addiction, then it will be helpful to understand the insurance policy coverage details.

The kinds of treatment covered by health insurance policies:

  • Both inpatient and outpatient care.
  • Bills of medications and medical detox.
  • For treating other mental conditions caused by alcohol addiction.
  • The cost of follow-up counseling.

The coverage depends upon the type of policy and the company from which you have purchased it. They may provide full or partial coverage according to the sum of the purchase of the policy. Hence, best to avail of a reputed insurance company policy that gives you coverage for the whole treatment at rehab centers. For extreme addiction cases, the coverage amount may differ and won’t be able to pay the medication bills. Hence, before you get admitted enquire about the policy by contacting the policy giver and the rehab clinic.

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