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Hand Conditions That Require Surgery


We perform our jobs and chores using our hands every day, which means they are also at high risk of getting injured during repetitive or strenuous physical activities.

Common hand conditions include:


Generally, fractured fingers, wrists and hands will heal without surgery and will be treated using non-surgical methods such as physical therapy, splints and casts. However, if your injury causes a bone to break through the skin or shift out of place, you may need to undergo surgery to restore the proper alignment.


This degenerative disease is caused when the cartilage between the joints breaks down, which in turn, causes the bones to rub together. This grinding sensation between bones causes swelling, pain, stiffness and weakness. The main contributing factors of the disease are age, past injury and activity level.

Mallet finger

With this condition, the victim is unable to extend the tip of a finger as the last joint of a finger bends and is unable to uncurl fully. Mallet finger is generally caused when a fragment of a bone breaks away or when the extensor tendon is injured. This condition is mostly caused by overuse or from repeated jamming, which is common in basketball players.

Apart from Fractures, Osteoarthritis and Mallet Finger, other common hand conditions include Tendonitis, Trigger Fingers, Ganglion Cysts and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some of these conditions require surgery while others need non-surgical treatment.

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