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Basic Type of Telehealth

What is the Most Basic Type of Telehealth?


How many times have you heard that the internet has transformed modern life? Indeed, technology has most likely altered how you communicate with loved ones and purchase goods and services. It has also most likely altered how you look for information regarding health issues.

Several telehealth solutions are available to assist you in managing your health care and receiving the required services. Many individuals used telemedicine during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic. It is still widely used. Learn more about telehealth Hackensack by conslting a professional. 

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is applying digital technology for communication and information to access and manage healthcare services remotely. Computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are examples of technologies. This may be the technology you use at home. A nurse or other health care practitioner may conduct telehealth from a medical office or mobile van in remote locations. Telehealth can also refer to the use of technology by your health care practitioner to improve or supplement health care services.

Telehealth, often known as e-health or mobile health (m-health), has the following objectives:

  • If you have an infectious disease like COVID-19, keep yourself and others safe.
  • Make health care more accessible to those who reside in rural or isolated places.
  • Make services more accessible or convenient for individuals with restricted mobility, time, or transportation.
  • Provide primary care for a wide range of ailments.
  • Improve communication and care coordination between members of the health care team and the individual receiving treatment.
  • Make medical professionals available.
  • Guide self-management of health care.

Many people found telemedicine helpful during the COVID-19 outbreak and continue to use it. Telehealth is becoming increasingly popular. 

Virtual visits

Certain clinics may use telemedicine to provide distant care. Clinics, for example, may provide virtual visits. You can use them to communicate with a health care practitioner, a mental health counselor, or a nurse via online video or phone conversations.

Virtual visits can help with migraines, skin diseases, diabetes, depression, anxiety, colds, coughing, and COVID-19. These visits allow you to get treatment from a clinician when an in-person visit is not required or possible.

Your healthcare team may give you information or paperwork to complete online and return to them before your visit. They may also ensure that you have the necessary technologies. They will also check to see if any apps or software need to be updated or installed. They can also show you how to log in and join the video chat for your visit. The healthcare staff can also show you how to use the camera, microphone, and text chat. If necessary, request the assistance of a family member to help you set up the necessary technologies.

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