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Why Smoking Cannabis Causes Red, Bloodshot Eyes


A classic sign that someone has smoked marijuana is red eyes. It’s a common occurrence for certain people and can occur after smoking, eating edibles, or vaping.

It is possible that it is due to body chemistry. But does it also depend upon the quality or quantity of cannabis consumed?

What is the reason your eyes turn red from smoking weed?

Reddening of the eyelids after smoking cannabis can be attributed to its fame as a treatment for glaucoma.

THC lowers blood pressure which causes blood vessels to dilate and blood capillaries to expand. The dilation of the ocular capillaries increases blood flow to the eyes, reducing pressure, and is called intraocular pressure. Patients suffering from glaucoma seek the benefits of increased blood flow, which causes eye reddening.

Even though you don’t smoke, red eyes can still happen when you eat edibles. THC is what makes your eyes turn red.

However, some people may experience an allergic reaction to cannabis, or smoking in general. This can cause eye reddening. This would be a common reaction to smoking and could include sensitivity to tobacco, cannabis, or incense.


Can cannabis be used to treat glaucoma?

How to get rid of cannabis-induced red eyes

Eye drops to treat reddened eyes caused by smoking marijuana

Consuming cannabis can cause red eyes. Smoking can also reduce eye pressure. Red eyes are not always a good thing. These are some steps you can take to reduce or eliminate eye redness after or during smoking.

Eye drops. Some brands have eye drops that are specifically formulated to reduce redness.

Keep hydrated. Hydration can reduce dryness.

Let them do their thing. Red eyes aren’t harmful. However, they can be stigmatized. If you are concerned about red eyes, plan smoke sessions when you will be at home.

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