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5×5 bodybuilding program for more strength and muscle growth

5×5 bodybuilding program for more strength and muscle growth


The 5×5 bodybuilding program is a very intensive workout for those whose goal is to develop strength and muscle mass quickly. If the exercises are performed well, the muscle is stressed to the maximum to achieve the highest possible growth stimulus.

The basics of the 5×5 training principle are explained below using a typical program. For proper execution and implementation in the gym, the 5×5 bodybuilding program exists as a PDF to download and print.

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Principles of the 5×5 bodybuilding program
The principle of the 5×5 bodybuilding program is based on a simple method which consists of 5 sets of 5 repetitions, each with the same weight. With the fifth repetition in the fifth set, the muscle should reach its maximum exertion limit.

5 heavy repetitions are required – sufficient break times are essential. Listen to your body.

As in all programs, care must be taken to perform the exercises correctly and carefully. If all 5 repetitions of the 5 sets are performed without problems, then the weight can be increased in the next training session. Then, the same procedure resumes with the new weight.

Our advice: for effective muscle growth
Muscles in the human body are made up of protein. It is therefore essential for effective strength training to have an adequate supply of these macronutrients through your diet. During intensive training, high quality carbohydrates and healthy fats are also very important. Proper (sports) nutrition is really crucial for successful muscle building .

In order to best achieve the objectives set, we have concocted some recommendations for sustainable muscle development .

Whey protein – For sustained muscle development
This great classic is the best shake for your bodybuilding goal and is suitable for both strength and endurance athletes: it contains fundamental proteins and high quality amino acids , which will be necessary for a lasting muscle. .

3k protein – Perfect for strength and endurance athletes

This protein shake is a real all-in-one . It is made up of different kinds of proteins, which are processed using very careful processes. It contains many essential amino acids and is ideal for both weight loss and muscle development.

Complex basic exercises as the foundation of the program
The 5×5 strength training program can be considered a full body workout . But for beginners, the choice of exercises should mainly be limited to what are called basic exercises. They are primarily aimed at working the upper and lower body in a balanced way with each workout. In particular, basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts or bench presses require the interaction of groups of small and large muscles to promote strength and muscle gain.


In principle, whether they are beginners, experienced athletes or pros, athletes who follow a 5×5 training system train 3 days for 6 to 9 weeks. In order to be able to arrange a rest day between training sessions, it is advisable to adopt the rhythm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If the execution of the exercises is correct and careful, the muscle is fully stimulated without overloading the body. The choice of training weights varies depending on the level of training. For experienced athletes, 5×5 training imposes heavier weights in all exercises.

Weekly increases of 2.5% in weight are advised. To further strengthen strength and muscle gain in experienced athletes, the intensities must be varied. A 3-day-a-week workout starts on day one with high volumes.

It continues with a recovery day with 65% of the maximum weight. On the third day of training, it is recommended to use a medium load training weight.

Here you will find a clear and detailed training program just for you. In addition, you can download or print it.

Bodybuilding-5×5 type program

The training begins and ends with a short cardio session of 5 to 10 minutes, optionally on a crosstrainer, treadmill, rowing machine or ergometer. Then, it is advisable to follow up with a special warm-up with an empty barbell and perform 15 to 20 repetitions before starting the real 5×5 workout.

1st day of training Bench Squats Vertical draw
2nd day of training Squats Deadlift pull-ups Military press
3rd day of training Squats Bench Squats Deadlift
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Benefits of the 5×5 bodybuilding program
5×5 bodybuilding program for more strength and muscle gain
If the chosen training weight allows more than 5 repetitions in all exercise sets, the weight can be increased in the next training session. A gradual increase in weight combined with sufficient recovery time allows considerable progress in strength to be made in a relatively short time.

Variable and flexible drive structure

Depending on the goal and level of training, it is possible to vary the number of repetitions and sessions based on the 5×5 program. So the system can be reduced to 3×3 for goals like maximum strength or increased to 3×10 reps for strength training and hypertrophy for muscle building to achieve the best training results.

In principle, by training with a training weight of 70 to 80% of the maximum load, one has enough strength to perform five sets of five repetitions each. The more the fatigue increases, the more the execution of the exercises is approximate and the risk of overloading is great. Planned recovery phases and medium training intensity reduce the risk of overload.

Who is the 5×5 bodybuilding program for?

Beginners as well as experienced athletes and strength sports pros will find in this 5×5 bodybuilding program a training method that will bring them regular and rapid muscle gain and a constant increase in their strength. This formula particularly benefits beginners in strength training who will be able to develop a solid base of strength, more power and muscle mass at the same time.

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