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All About Keratin Hair Treatments


Hair care formulated with keratin is more than ever recommended by commercials. In fact, a large number of professional hairdressers swear by keratin hair treatments! But do we really know everything there is to know about all these keratinized skincare products? Here are some important points to broaden your knowledge on the subject.

What is the main goal of keratin treatments?

The main mission of keratin-enriched hair products is to bring life back to each of your hairs while restoring their beauty.

What exactly are keratin hair treatments?

Keratin treatments are offered as treatments that act actively to repair the damage caused to the hair by repeated brushings, systematic coloring, discolored locks, frequent straightening, but also damage caused by the sun, chlorine. , pollution, … The hair fiber is reconstituted, its structure restored thanks to the contribution of high doses of natural keratin and other essential components contained in the formula of keratin treatments.

When to apply keratin treatments?

Keratin treatments (smoothing, mask, serum, shampoo, …) are applied after coloring, or perm, … Either after a form of aggression has been inflicted on your hair, it will be essential to apply keratin treatments to repair any damage. But as the hair is daily subjected to external attacks, even involuntary, as the Kerintense website reminds us , having keratin hair treatments on a regular basis will only do them good.

What hair types are keratin treatments suitable for?

All hair types that are dry, brittle, split ends, curly, frizzy and afros are the best candidates for keratin treatments. The keratinized formula of the products will make this hair instantly hydrated, lustrous and healthy.

Is it really necessary to combine products with keratin in daily use?

It is clear that if you want to obtain maximum results, it is in your interest to play on the combination of keratin care products. The treatment will only be more effective and longer lasting.

What components should we be wary of for keratin treatments?

It is important to know that some keratin skincare products use a strong chemical composition that can cause disastrous damage to human health and hair health. Products with components that contain the highly harmful substance formaldehyde should therefore be avoided. Silicone and its derivatives such as amodimethicone, dimethicone , etc. or even preservatives such as parabens should also be avoided. Treatments that contain pure or fatty alcohol, cationic polymers such as polyquaternium-7 and others are also very dangerous for your health. Either way, it will be essential to always pay close attention to deciphering the label of each keratin treatment product.

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