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Common Procedures Performed by Vascular Surgeons


Imagine you’re in sunny Bakersfield, squirming with discomfort because of an ingrown toenail. It’s an irritating inconvenience, to be sure. But now imagine, instead of a toenail causing your discomfort, it’s an issue with your blood vessels. This is where a vascular surgeon comes into the picture – dealing with complexities that extend far beyond the straightforward ingrown toenail Bakersfield scenario. This is the world I inhabit, where I tackle procedures that can quite literally make the difference between life and death. So, let’s peel back the curtain on some of the common procedures performed by vascular surgeons.

Vascular Surgeons


First on our list is angioplasty. This is a procedure where a tiny balloon is inserted into the narrowed or blocked blood vessel. The balloon is then inflated to open up the vessel, improving blood flow. It’s a bit like unclogging a drain, only far more delicate and with far higher stakes.

Bypass Surgery

Next up is bypass surgery. This is usually performed when a blood vessel is so severely blocked that angioplasty won’t cut it. In this procedure, a graft – often a vein from elsewhere in the patient’s body – is used to reroute blood flow around the blockage. It’s like building a detour around a blocked road.


The third common procedure is endarterectomy. During this procedure, the surgeon directly removes the plaque from the inside of the artery. It’s a more invasive procedure, akin to digging out a deep-rooted weed from a garden. Yet, it can often provide a more long-term solution.


The final procedure to mention is amputation. This is, of course, a last resort when circulation to a limb cannot be restored and gangrene has set in. The limb is removed to prevent the spread of infection and save the patient’s life. It’s like cutting off a branch to save the tree.

These are just a few examples of the procedures that we vascular surgeons perform. Each is intricate and requires immense skill and precision. Yet, the rewards are immeasurable – the ability to restore health, to alleviate pain, and to save lives.

It’s a long way from Bakersfield and that pesky ingrown toenail, isn’t it?

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